राहुल गांधी को क्यों नहीं लग रही ठंड? जानिए किया हैं कारण राहुल गांधी को ठंड न लगने की

Why is Rahul Gandhi not feeling cold? Know what is the reason why Rahul Gandhi does not feel cold


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Amidst the Bharat Jodo Yatra, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s T-Shirt is being discussed a lot and everyone is asking the same question that even after the harsh winter, Rahul Gandhi How are you able to move around in a T-shirt (Rahul Gandhi T-Shirt).





The same question is arising again and again in everyone’s mind that what is the last secret, why Rahul is not feeling cold, but do you know how the last cold is felt and why some feel more and some less cold. Is. So let us tell you the answers to all the questions in a scientific way.




The question is how does one get the last cold?




The first big question is how does a human feel cold? Let us tell you that there are thermo-receptor nerves under the skin in the body, which send the message of cold to our brain. After this, the hypothalamus present in the brain starts balancing the body temperature. For this reason, goosebumps of the body arise and due to this the muscles start shrinking. For this reason, one feels more or less cold.


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Question: Why does some feel cold more and some feel less?


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According to a research, getting more or less cold completely depends on gender, age and human genes. This determines how much cold a person will feel. Each person’s ability to tolerate temperature and feel cold is also found to be different. It has also been claimed in one source that the elderly and children feel less cold, while the youth feel more cold. It has been said in the research that the elderly people do not shiver with cold until the temperature is very low, while on the contrary, young people start shivering only after a slight drop in temperature. Because, compared to the elderly, youth have more ability to feel cold, which gradually decreases with age.


Question: Why does the body start shivering when it is cold?


After the temperature of the environment decreases, the hypothalamus present in the brain starts balancing the body temperature and the body parts work at a slow pace. Because of this, more metabolic heat is generated in the body and shivering starts in the body. Shivering in the body means that your body is balancing the body temperature and the outside temperature. After the temperature is balanced, the feeling of shivering stops or reduces.


Question: For what reasons does a person feel very cold?


There can be many reasons behind excessive cold. If the weight of the body is very less in proportion to the height, it feels more cold. Apart from this, due to deficiency of iron in the body and deterioration of the thyroid too much cold can be felt. Due to lack of proper blood circulation in all the parts of the body, there can be an experience of excessive cold. Apart from this, lack of proper sleep, dehydration and lack of vitamin B can also be the reason for excessive cold.


Why is Rahul Gandhi not feeling cold?

Why is Rahul Gandhi not feeling cold?


The body of people living in very cold places gets adjusted accordingly. Apart from this, when the physical activity is good, the metabolism of the body is good and the cold starts to be felt less. Our body fat also protects us from cold. Rahul Gandhi has been involved in Bharat Jodo Yatra for a long time and his body has adjusted according to the external environment. Apart from this, he walks daily and due to good physical activity, he also feels less cold.

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